Britney Sampson ’12

Interview by Lizzy Lee ’14

What are you involved with on and off campus?


Coordinator for the AVID Tutoring program in the CEO

Parkway west volunteer for the student success block.

What made you decide to do LEAP?

I had a monumental experience at Trico and was advised to participate in this program. I wanted to work on my leadership style and be less grassroots and develop into someone who can lead by herself.

What are some key lessons you learned during LEAP? (about yourself, leadership, team dynamics, etc)

Diplomacy!-managerial skills, improved by communication skills with faculty staff and admin.  I learned that I am comfortable working collectively but also capable of leading a group alone as well.

Who were you at the beginning of LEAP, and who are you now? (personal development, as well as “LEAP categories” like artist/warrior/ etc)

I was an explorer and I haven’t changed really although i can be a warrior when necessary and artist. I guess I have learned how to adapt to all roles if need be.

What is your proudest accomplishment at Bryn Mawr?

The friends I’ve made.

Did you ever feel overwhelmed or imbalanced with the workload here? How did you deal with it?

Yes, time management. In my previous years i was involved in a lot of campus groups and was forced to stick to a schedule and not stray too far to get things done. Also having to be accountable to people made me be more organized.

What advice would you give to an underclassman?

Do not be afraid to be voice you opinion if it is in opposition to the norm. However, be understanding when doing so- not everyone will be on the same page and sometimes it takes another perspective for people to think outside the box.