Reetu Bajaj ’12

Interview by Zoe Fisher ’15

On Campus and Off Campus Activities:

SAW, Customs Person, Hall Adviser, Psychology of Research Internship at NYU, Internship at a non nonprofit that promoted rights for women and at a South Asian Women society.

Long Term Goals:

I’m interested in mental health in children. I would like to get some outside experience before continuing my education and getting a masters in counseling service.

Key Lessons From LEAP:

LEAP taught me about conflict management and made it easier to handle group management with conflicts in a group later when I was so involved in SAW. Also, it taught me the right vocabulary to use when it comes to leadership when you may be talking about your comfort zone or conflict management.

Proudest Accomplishment at Bryn Mawr:

The relationships I have made with people. I don’t know if I will ever get the opportunity to be in such a tight knit community and be close with professors and students all at once.

Biggest Challenge While at Bryn Mawr:

From being an HA, I saw one of my challenges in dealing with other people’s issues. I was so sensitive to other people that I had to figure out how to balance my personal relationship and being a good HA. Although it was a challenge, and that may be a weakness, it was also seen as a strength for me because I was able to be sensitive to other’s issues.

Most Memorable Moments at Bryn Mawr:

Traditions: Lantern night and may day were my two favorites. Praxis III was also memorable because it is really necessary to learn your major outside of books and theories, and I was able to be close with adviser here and supervisor at internship through Praxis.

Advice for Underclassmen:

Don’t get too caught up with work, take opportunities that are given, know what it means to have fun, actively try to get to know a professor that you like.



Mae Carlson ’12

interview by Zoe Fisher ’15

On Campus Activities:

Lacrosse, SGA Executive Board (Secretary), Hall Adviser, involvement with Class Dismissed Project.

Key Lessons Learned from LEAP:

You don’t have to be a certain type of leader. People don’t see how many different ways to lead there are, but it’s good to work with people who have different leadership styles and you can really learn from each other.

Who were you at the beginning of LEAP, and who are you now?

Before doing LEAP, I didn’t really know as well who I wanted to be. Not just from participating in LEAP, but also from participating in lacrosse and SGA, I was able to be a person who handled difficult situations better. I have a better perspective of dealing with conflict.

What is one of your most memorable moments in college?

The traditions: May Day, Hell Week, especially as a freshman and seeing the freshmen.

Who is your favorite professor or faculty member?

Elliot Shore. He is very helpful, enthusiastic, and passionate about what he does. I admire the quickness of his decision making.

What advice would you give to an underclassman?

Get involved in things on campus that interest you and enjoy the community that you are in, and the traditions.



Britney Sampson ’12

Interview by Lizzy Lee ’14

What are you involved with on and off campus?


Coordinator for the AVID Tutoring program in the CEO

Parkway west volunteer for the student success block.

What made you decide to do LEAP?

I had a monumental experience at Trico and was advised to participate in this program. I wanted to work on my leadership style and be less grassroots and develop into someone who can lead by herself.

What are some key lessons you learned during LEAP? (about yourself, leadership, team dynamics, etc)

Diplomacy!-managerial skills, improved by communication skills with faculty staff and admin.  I learned that I am comfortable working collectively but also capable of leading a group alone as well.

Who were you at the beginning of LEAP, and who are you now? (personal development, as well as “LEAP categories” like artist/warrior/ etc)

I was an explorer and I haven’t changed really although i can be a warrior when necessary and artist. I guess I have learned how to adapt to all roles if need be.

What is your proudest accomplishment at Bryn Mawr?

The friends I’ve made.

Did you ever feel overwhelmed or imbalanced with the workload here? How did you deal with it?

Yes, time management. In my previous years i was involved in a lot of campus groups and was forced to stick to a schedule and not stray too far to get things done. Also having to be accountable to people made me be more organized.

What advice would you give to an underclassman?

Do not be afraid to be voice you opinion if it is in opposition to the norm. However, be understanding when doing so- not everyone will be on the same page and sometimes it takes another perspective for people to think outside the box.



Student Profile: Yong Jung Cho’12

Interview by Lizzy Lee’14

Involvement on Campus (all Held Positions) :

SGA President , SGA Vice President, SGA Appointments Committee, Tour Guide, Hall Adviser, Greens President, VITA, X-Factor.

My involvement with SGA was the most rewarding. I learned about the campus and people, as well as used my connections and knowledge for action and campaigns.
My term as president of Greens was a great learning experience because it was my first real leadership role. I learned about teamwork, follow-through, making others accountable, and dealing with apathy on campus.

Who were you at the beginning of LEAP, and who are you now?

I learned how to utilize information more effectively, as I would have made a lot of more mistakes without LEAP. Because of LEAP I had more knowledge and was well connected. The project gave me a short-term vision, as having something to accomplish gave me momentum.
Who are your leadership role models?

Jane Goodall – I respect her so much because she pursued something she loved first – connecting with animal in personal level without language. Being able to make such powerful really says something about her character. Now she’s advocating internationally about conservation and engaging younger people – expanding what she loves into a bigger concept. I learned about her when I did 4th grade book project on her.

What is your proudest accomplishment at Bryn Mawr?

SGA – I like knowing that administration has confidence in the students, and that we’ve developed a great working and personal relationship. I am also proud of all the effort I put into increasing awareness about what SGA does.

Did you ever feel overwhelmed or imbalanced with the workload here? How did you deal with it?

Yes, I’ve felt overcommitted, but not in a bad way. I always had lots of things to do and got them done, but my social life took a blow, especially when I was studying for the MCATS). I felt constrained with time, but because i loved everything I did and it was important to me, I didn’t mind. Sometimes I missed my friends, but they were always there for me. It’s important to have friends are always there for you.

What is one of your most memorable moments in college?

Going traying with friends at midnight!!!
What advice would you give to an underclassman?

When freshmen come to college most say, “I don’t have enough time, I just want my freshman year to be easy to transition.” Some of that is valid but the bottom line is, you have enough time, so get involved because that’s what will make the best of your experience at Bryn Mawr.